How To Become An Internet Hacker

Due to their ubiquitous nature, WiFi networks have become a common attack vector favored by opportunistic hackers looking for fun and profit. If youíre using WiFi at home to connect to the Internet from your computer or mobile devices, you could become the victim of a WiFi hacker unless you follow our WiFi security tips. […]

How To Add Loader In Wordpress

Adding Custom Fonts in WordPress from Google Fonts Google Fonts is the largest, free, and most commonly used font library among website developers. There are multiple ways you can add and use Google Fonts in WordPress. […]

How To Clean Steam Iron Surface

With the iron in an upright position on a sturdy surface, inspect the steam ducts. If you can see white residue in the holes, use a wood or plastic toothpick or old toothbrush to clear away build-up. Never use anything metal that could scratch the soleplate. […]

How To Add B Roll Adobe Clip

While ActionScript can direct any movie clip to stop, play, or go to another point on the timeline, it cannot be used to dynamically create a timeline or add content at specific frames; this is only possible using the Flash authoring tool. […]

How To Download Android Background Picture

There is no way to add a background image app-wide (even using the Xamarin.iOS or Xamarin.Android APIs directly). Instead you have to add the background image to each page. You can simplify this by using some kind of common page base class that you use everywhere. […]

Eu4 How To Become Indpeendant Holland

Holland America Line Independent Contractors earn $180,000 annually, or $87 per hour, which is 113% higher than the national average for all Independent Contractors at $50,000 annually and 99% higher than the national salary average for all working Americans. […]

How To Build Leadership Skills

In turbulent economic times, building leadership capacity in your company is more critical than ever, says former BDC President and CEO Jean-Ren√© Halde. […]

How To Cut Your Hair Into A Bob

Wedge Haircut A wedge haircut is a type of bob cut, which was made popular by Dorthy Hamill. Keep reading to know how to cut your hair into a wedge bob style, and tips on maintaining this cut.... […]

How To Catch A Snake Inside Your Home

In general, the more common the snake, the more likely it is to get inside the home, so the Black Racer, which is very common, is often found inside. However, factors other than commonality matter as well. Some snakes that are good climbers are likely to climb up and into the openings that lead into the home. Rat snakes are a good example. And if you've got rats in the attic, that will only […]

How To Download Swords And Sandals 5 Full Version Pc

Download Swords and sandals: Medieval for PC Windows 7,8,10 and Laptop. To Download Swords and sandals: Medieval For PC,users need to install an Android Emulator like Xeplayer. With Xeplayer,you can Download Swords and sandals: Medieval for PC version on ‚Ķ […]

How To Download Amazon App On Apple Tv

Can I download apps to my Apple TV? I have amazon instant account and would like to know if I can download the amazon instant app to Apple TV. Asked by fn Aug 17, 2014 Apple TV. 1 Answer from the Community. Answer No, you cannot download specific apps to the Apple TV. These are already pre-programmed on the device and only Apple can add to them with a future update. However, you can Ö […]

How To Change Your Birthday On Facebook On Iphone

I have never authorized facebook to post that information nor have I given that information to facebook. Posted about 4 years ago by Kaarina Just change it to its maximum of 1905 this way everyone is the same age, and you will receive all the content. […]

How To Delete Contacts On Android

Accumulating contacts on your Android or iPhone is an old problem, but bulk deleting contacts is the only solution. Here are some new methods you can try. […]

How To Change Run Level In Linux

How can I set the default runlevel in openSUSE 12.3 ? OK, it's called target now but YAST shows an empty dropdown list in the expert-view of the service manager ‚Ķ […]

How To Break Up A Dog Fight

There really are no winners in a dog fight. Whether you have two dogs at home who dislike each other or your dog gets in a fight when youíre out for a walk, itís a bad experience for everyone Ė you and the dogs. The best thing you can do is try to avoid a fight, if possible. However, itís […]

Show Me How To Cut My Dog& 39

Trimming your dog's toenails is an important part of routine grooming, not only to make him look good, but to prevent nails from breaking and becoming infected. Extra long nails make dogs walk differently and can lead to skeletal damage in his paws. Cutting nails too short cuts into the quick with […]

How To Build Up My Blood

Blood transfusions are when you have blood in a bag and youreceive that blood because you have lost a lot of blood and youneed to make up for that blood. When you have a blood ‚Ķ transfusionyou have to have a certain type of blood because of what blood typeyou are. . […]

How To Draw A Llamacorn Step By Step

Follow along to learn how to draw a Llamacorn easy step step. Cute kawaii cartoon llama and unicorn joined together. Thanks for watching Please Cute kawaii cartoon llama and unicorn joined together. […]

How To Build A Professional Sharepoint Site

Building a good SharePoint team site By Glyn Clough, on October 31st, 2010 Recently I was lucky enough to work with a small group of business users who were experiencing SharePoint as ‚Äė more than a document library ‚Äė for the first time. […]

How To Clean Aluminum Shingle Roof

Always check the roof flashing and the condition of the shingles whenever you clean your gutters. Look for loose nails and any damage to the seals at the edges of the flashing. Roofing cement can dry out and crumble away, exposing joints to water. Fasten loose nails and cover exposed nail heads with roofing cement. Renew flashing seals by chipping out old caulking and mortar along the edges of […]

How To Create Admin Panel In Wordpress

I can easily create a Wordpress Admin Panel page to a clean and professional, please get back to me on chat for a details discussion. I am online right now and I am ready for the interview. […]

How To Create Hair Mask

Many hair masks use coconut oil, but that can get very expensive of you want to make a hair mask regularly, so this guide has no coconut oil! […]

How To Develop An App For Gear Fit 2

16/06/2015†∑ I just got the Gear Fit and have a Samsung S4. Everything works fine, except for the weather. My home screen has the message: tap here to add a city to your mobile device. When I tap, nothing happens. I have three weather apps loaded and Ö […]

How To Create Surrogate Key In Sql Server

CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER one_t1 BEFORE INSERT ON one FOR EACH ROW WHEN (NEW. one_id IS NULL)-- Asynchronous with bulk insert operations when a value is provided by the bulk operation to the surrogate key column. […]

How To Add Numbers In Arraylist

It is basically an alternative to an array. However, unlike array, you can add and remove items from a list at a specified position using an index and the array resizes itself automatically. It also allows dynamic memory allocation, adding, searching and sorting items in the list. […]

How To Delete Contacts From Messenger On Mac

To delete contacts in Telegram , you need to first enter to the user profile section and then delete the contact from the list of contacts. Menu Home Telegram How To Delete Contacts In Telegram Messenger On Android And iPhone […]

How To Delete Notebook In Onenote Mac

Microsoft OneNote is your very own digital notebook. With OneNote, you can capture that flash of genius, that moment of inspiration, or that list of errands that's too important to forget. Whether you're at home, in the office or on the go, your notes travel with you. And you can share your notes and collaborate with others, across multiple devices! […]

How To Avoid Chewy Transparent Chinese Buns

Chinese baked buns are beloved for reason, come see why! Bao buns. Maybe a new word for you, but one you definitely need to meet and know: They are soft and smooth buns filled with all variety of fillings and originated in China. […]

How To Become An Accountant Without Going To University

Become a Chartered Accountant (CA) for a career that offers prestige, respect, great prospects and excellent financial rewards. CA student school leaver profiles Hear about studying for the CA qualification without a university degree from some of our school leaver‚Äôs. […]

Skyrim How To Change Penis In Nifskope

31/03/2018¬†¬∑ Change Your Mind, Change Your Health: 7 Ways to Harness the Power of Your Brain to Achieve True Well-Being [MS Anne Marie Ludovici, Dr. James O. Prochaska] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. True wellness is about more than just health--it's about living a fulfilling, well-rounded life. It's about becoming and being our best. […]

How To Bring Up A Good Child

The relationship between teacher and pupil should be guided by love, and resemble the bringing-up of a child in the family. 5. A school should prepare a person for family life. […]

How To Draw A Tiger Shark Step By Step Easy

How to Draw a Shark Step by Step I add hatches to the sides of the shark and draw the eyes. Step 4. I add dots and short hatches to the head of the shark, using the 0.1 black liner. I also create a partial outline of the figure. Step 5. I continue working on the shark‚Äôs body, as we did in the previous lesson. Dots are an excellent choice for creating a natural texture in this case. Step […]

How To Catch Trout In A Stream

A helpful tactic when surveying a section of stream is to imagine the top five places trout may be holding in that area. Imagine you have five casts to make in this section of stream to catch a trout. […]

How To Become Special Executive Officer In Maharashtra

Shweta Shalini nominated for special executive directorís post for the Maharashtra Village Social Transformation Foundation. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavisís initiative to transform 1,000 villages into model neighbourhood ó the Maharashtra Village Social Transformation Foundation ó will soon have a politician at the helm. […]

How To Cook Chicken Masala At Home

Recipe for spicy chicken masala, Tamilnadu style. Spicy chicken masala made with home made masala paste and spices. Excellent side dish. Recipe with step by step pictures. This recipe for spicy chicken masala is from Ganesan. Ganesan is a home cook ‚Ķ […]

How To Draw Dynamic Points Of View

Suppose now we wanted to draw a circle every time the user touches down on the drawing view. This would require us to keep track of an array of points for our circles and then append a point for each onTouch event triggered: […]

How To Add Rss Feed To Wordpress

Seamlessly adds featured images to your RSS feed with customizable sizing options. Best tool for importing, merging and displaying Curated RSS and Atom feeds on your WordPressÖ CreativeMindsSolutions 1,000+ active installations Tested with 5.0.0 Updated 6 days ago WP Feed Post Thumbnail (1 total ratings) Adds MRSS namespace to the feed and uses post-thumbnail as media element in the feed […]

How To Draw Dfd Diagram In Staruml

Cacoo is a web based drawing tool that supports many kinds of diagram types, including UML. It supports storing multiple versions of your diagram, changes tracking and and the ability to give comments directly on the diagrams. […]

How To Change Pvr List To Thumbnail

Yes, prior to getting the PVR I regularly recorded TV programs and even since getting the PVR I have sometimes recorded on the DVDR when I have used up the twin tuners on the PVR for recording. It gives me the option of being able to record three programs at once if the need arises. […]

How To Clear An Ear Infection

Clean away the water and earwax with a clean cloth. 6. Olive Oil . Another simple way to remove excess earwax is olive oil. Olive oil can soften the wax, making it easier to come out of the ear. Also, its antiseptic properties will reduce the risk of ear infection. Advertisements. Slightly warm some olive oil. Using a dropper, put three or four drops of the warm oil into the affected ear […]

How To Change Nadekobot Prefix

Setting up NadekoBot on Linux Digital Ocean Droplet If you are running your VPS/ droplet for the first time, it will most likely ask you to change your VPS root password, to do that, type the password you received through email it won't show any changes on the screen like ***** when password is being typed, press Enter once done. Type a new password, press Enter and type the new password […]

How To Draw Characters On A Grid

- Symmetry and Grid Drawing Templates What others are saying "Symmetry Worksheets For Grade - symmetry worksheets for first graders together with free symmetry worksheets for grade also symmetry worksheets for first grade also symmetry worksheets for grade and Prestigebux" […]

How To Make Cut Out Heads Video

13/12/2018†∑ To make face replacement, highlight a video clip you want to apply face-off on the Timeline and place the playhead in the target position, and then go to the Effects tab. Select Utility under Filter and you will see all these utility effects such as face off, image mask, mosaic, tilt-shift and auto enhance. […]

How To Decide On A Fence Color

The right kind of fence color can make a stunning addition to your home‚Äôs overall appearance. When choosing your fence color, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. […]

How To Draw Somthingfrom Words

draw something from a word generator pio stormdog. 8. nightsky. 9. draw something from a random word gener8or pio Draco Malfoy. 10. PickleChicken. 11. Something from a random words generator PIO OooOOOoOo. 12. OooOOOoOo. 13. Draw a Thing From Random Words ‚Ķ […]

How To Draw A Manga Reindeer

An educational video for kids. This video quickly shows you how to draw a cartoon reindeer. It does not include sound and moves very rapidly. The drawing of this cartoon reindeer should not be challenging to most students if the video is stopped or replayed a few times. Run time 03:23. […]

How To Delete Apps Ipad Mini

Noticed that your iPad is running out of space and apps are taking up a lot of storage place? It's time to delete app caches from your iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad 4, etc. by using professional iPad Ö […]

How To Connect Samsung Gear 2 To Any Android Phone

Samsung Gear S2. Compatible with smartphones running on Android 4.4 and higher. with Android and iOS. Gear S2 pairs with smartphones running Android 4.4 and higher with over 1.5GB RAM, iOS 9.0 and later, and smartphones iPhone 5 and newer. (For iPhone 6S and 6S+ running iOS 10 and later, connection to Gear may be unstable.) *The following information is subject to change. *Gear S2 is not […]

How To Change Spark Plugs On 2011 Dodge Caravan

Does anybody know an easy way to change the plugs on a 96 Dodge Grand Caravan. My dad is too lazy to do it so he is having me do it. The engine is mounted sideways and the back 3 plugs are along the firewall and they are really hard to get to....any help would be apriciated! […]

How To Build A Software Company In India

The author: Reema Oamkumar is engaged as a thought leader at which is a part of the YUHIRO Group. YUHIRO is a German-Indian enterprise which provides programmers to IT companies, agencies and IT departments. […]

How To Change The Colours On Iphone

Changing the colour settings on your phone could help if you‚Äôre visually or colour impaired, or have dyslexia. To change colour settings: […]

How To Become A Winemaker

10/06/2013¬†¬∑ Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. I write about marketing, branding and business strategy. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin If you want to learn about […]

How To Create News Posts On Instagram

How to Create 30 Instagram Posts in One Day Creating a bulk of content for any channel requires a few hours of focused energy, some inspiration, and the right tools. Before we dig in, be sure set aside time to focus energy on your Instagram content. […]

Enfant Haut Potentiel How To Detect

10/04/2018¬†¬∑ Colloque international en @SorbonneFr consacr√© aux Enfants √† Haut Potentiel. Au programme des interventions : th√©ories de l'intelligence, cr√©ativit√©, mod√®les de d√©veloppement du potentiel intellectuel, mythes et r√©alit√©s sur les Enfants √† Haut Potentiel en difficult√©. […]

How To Create A Broader Audience For Facebook Ads

Trying to create Facebook ads to this audience is usually the most difficult. You have to gain their trust before making any type of offer. The copy and imagery that you use is extremely important and needs to help the audience stop their scroll. Itís a lot harder to gain the attention of a cold audience so imagery is crucial at this point. […]

How To Add Freinds On Pubg

Once you open PUBG from your PC using any of the emulators, you will see a warning message ‚ÄúEmulator detected. Your team and you will only be paired with players using emulators. Your team and you will only be paired with players using emulators. […]

How To Create Twitter Account For Organization

Twitter in 2017 was a bleak treadmill of news, Trump rants and ice-cold takes. But within that unrelenting churn were a few oases of humour, wit and wisdom that shone. Here are our 15 favourite […]

How To Create Your Own Website For Free-ireland

Website Builder Details. The Online Website Builder is the easy way to make your own website or web shop for your business, club or venture. Build a website or online shop in a few simple steps, no design or programming skills are needed. […]

How To Connect A Printer To Computer Thorugh Wifi

Sometimes you have to go through the setup with a PC connected via a USB (Samsung Laser Printer) to configure the laser to talk to the Modem. Admittedly, I haven't had to do that for a long time. I guess you are saying the Printer cannot find the WiFi at all, or is it connecting to the WiFi and your […]

How To Change A Disposal

14/12/2018†∑ For a dishwasher drain, you must replace the drain pipe that runs from the P-trap to the wall with a pipe made for dishwasher drains. Disconnect the old pipe, and measure it to get the length for […]

How To Become A Neo Nazi

Neo-Nazi groups have reportedly latched on to memes of Taylor Swift attributing quotes from Adolf Hitler to the Shake It Off singer to push the narrative that Swift is a closet fascist. But are […]

How To Clear Island Mode Danganronpa

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair begins similarly to the first game, except on a more positive note. Sixteen new students from the Hope have taken a class trip to the beautiful tropical Jabberwock Island, though all have lost their memory. […]

How To Change Instagram Password On Pc

23/06/2017†∑ How to Change Instagram Password. Category Howto & Style; Show more Show less. Loading... Advertisement Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a Ö […]

How To Buy Scan Probes In Eve

Don‚Äôt miss out! This is just one chapter of our full EVE Online Exploration guide. After you‚Äôve launched your probes and begun warping off to a safe point (mind you players can scan with probes while mid-warp or cloaked, or both), it‚Äôs time to choose what to scan. […]

How To Change Post Padding Tumblr

To resize it change the value of ‚Äú65%‚ÄĚ with other fewer or larger as per your requirement. There is another trick to change your blog font on Tumblr. Checkout below articles. […]

How To Change Brightness On Windows Vista

A tuning utility to adjust brightness on laptop, notebook, netbook, and ultrabook. It helps you to save your battery and your eyes as well as the back light of your monitor. […]

How To Allow Pop Ups On Mac For A Site

Conversely, you may want a website to be pop-up enabled but realize that the pop-up blocker on your iPhone is stopping pop-ups you actually need. Let's get started learning how to disable pop-ups and enable them again in Safari on your iPhone so you can browse the web in peace. […]

How To Clear A Range In Vba

This conditional statement uses the Range.Delete method to delete the column returned by the Range.EntireColumn property. That column, in turn, is determined by line #5 above. In other words, is a column where the information you're searching for is found. […]

How To Download Background Music For Videos On Your Phone

THE SOUND OF YOUR NEXT TV SHOW STARTS HERE. OVER 50,000 SONGS FREE FOR AND MORE. Browse by category below. We Created by: Freeplay Music. See Tracklist + Save Playlist. Weddings. Created by: Freeplay Music. See Tracklist + Save Playlist. LATEST ADDS. Beethoven Trio Opus 11. See Tracklist + Save Playlist . Reality Hip Hop Volume 2. See Tracklist + Save Playlist. Auld ‚Ķ […]

How To Change Product Key Windows Server 2012 R2

On your SecureAuth Appliance, navigate to D:\MFCApp_Bin\Extras\2012 Server to locate the script. The Library screen displays. Right-click on the Convert_Eval_Product_2012StandardServer Windows Batch File and select Run as administrator. […]

How To Use A Steenbeck To Cut 16mm Film

As the Library intended to use the machine as a viewer for archival film materials, it was obviously essential that the Steenbeck be in excellent working order. Through archival film contacts, I knew of Dwight Cody , who services Steenbecks for many universities as well as the Library of Congress in nearby Culpeper. […]

How To Cook Glass Noodles

Thai glass noodles with prawns (Goong Ob Woonsen) is one of my favourite Thai seafood dishes. This dish is quick-cooking (about 10 minutes on the stove) and very easy to prepare. You can serve it either as a side dish (more common) or a one-dish meal. Pound the aromatics in a mortar and pestle to […]

How To Clean Mac Os X Hard Drive

In case you do something manually, removing unnecessary applications might be an effective technique to clean Mac hard drive. To view your own applications, go to Finder> Applications . Unlike Windows devices, Mac does not contain the integrated ‚ÄúUninstall‚ÄĚ option, which deletes the associated files with the core app files. […]

How To Become A Conservator

Becoming a Conservator in DC. A conservator is the person appointed to make financial and legal decisions for the ward. The guardian of a person often makes ‚Ķ […]

How To Build Muscle At The Top Of Your Bum

Your glutes are made up of several muscles. The biggest is the gluteus maximus which is one of the most powerful muscles in the body. Gluteus maximus is responsible for the round look you can get in your butt when you do the best glute exercises for men. The other two smaller glute muscles are the gluteus medius and gluteus minimus that also contribute greatly to a strong toned backside. […]

How To Connect Dual Minitors Windows 10

Connect the monitor cable to the external monitor port. 3. Turn the external monitor‚Äôs power on. 4. Turn the computer's power on. When you turn on the power, the computer will automatically recognize the monitor and determine whether it is a color or monochrome device. If you have problems on getting an image displayed on the correct monitor, you should use the FN + F5 hot key to change the […]

How To Delete All Contact Photos Android

Supports all popular Android phone and tablets like Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, ZTE, Huawei, Moto.etc. Download it here and try to remove photos from Android device. Step 1 Install Program on A Computer and Connect Your Phone […]

How To Change Re Order Columns In R

Hi all, I'm in a bit of a bother with a .csv that I have: Here is how it looks when imported into Powershell, I would like to re-order the columns but am not having any success. […]

How To Bring A Product To Market

Business leaders who are designing and developing smart products for the Intelligence of Things ģ (IoT) encounter a complex environment, one that is populated by more than 200 vendors, each claiming they can deliver on the promise of connectivity. […]

How To Clean An A F Sensor

The sensor utilizes a hot wire sensing element to measure the amount of air entering the engine. The sensor does this by sending a signal, generated by the sensor when the incoming air cools the hot wire down, to the PCM. […]

Black Desert Online How To Connect With Steam

28/12/2018¬†¬∑ Black Desert Online BDO Private Servers Buy, sell or trade accounts, items, gold on BDO private servers like GamezBD and OgreFest. You can also find leveling and boosting services here also. […]

How To Draw A Dirt Bike Doing A Wheelie

29/12/2018†∑ In this Article: Article Summary Doing a Wheelie on a Bicycle Doing a Wheelie on a Motorbike Community Q&A 15 References. Popping a wheelie is a great way to impress your friends or look cool on a bicycle or Ö […]

How To Change Page Label Name In Bluebeam

Bluebeam Revu CAD. If you have Bluebeam First, wee need to go into Change Settings and then Select... the sheets we want to print. In this dialog we can move sheets around using the buttons in the upper left. If you right-click on the first one, you have options to rearrange all sheets alphabetically and to move checked items to the top. Once arranged as desired, click Save As to save the […]

How To Delete Tinder Interests

But not all Tinder matches are made in heaven. When youíre using the app, it can be exciting to find a match. When you and the other user have both swiped right on each otherís profiles, you can begin a conversation, introducing yourselves to one another and generally speaking about your interests, personality, and hobbies. […]

How To Clean Stove Pan Drips

2/01/2019¬†¬∑ An aluminum drip pan is most common; sometimes these are disposable, or one may just choose to use a regular baking sheet under a casserole dish rather than purchasing a designated pan to catch drips. Using a pan such as this while cooking can decrease clean-up time later; a disposable pan can simply be thrown away, or it is much easier to wash a pan than the inside of the oven. […]

How To Draw A Contract

The Contract of Sale can be prepared by a conveyancer, solicitor, or real estate agent. When the house is sold privately this task tends to go to the sellerís real estate agent. Youíll want to choose a real estate agent who has the experience to create a solid contract. […]

How To Create Custom 3ds Themes

Last Updated: Aug. 2, 2018. Update: There are many other 3DS theme tutorials now since it has been around 1 - 2 years, and if you want to check out a more modern tutorial and is quite simple (a bit), check this thread by Simsoy at GBATemp -> [Tutorial] how to create custom 3ds themes (2018 edition) […]

How To Cook A Pre Seasoned Porketta Roast

11/07/2011¬†¬∑ A chance comment on a Pot Roast recipe by "Deneece" about how it made her think of her favorite meat, reminded me of my youth. Gran used to buy a pre-spiced, ready to roast Italian Porketta from the Italian Deli across the street. […]

How To Change Admin Password Arris Saktel

6/04/2012¬†¬∑ To log into the page (where I typed 10.0.01) you might enter "admin" as your username, and "password" as your password. But the network advertised as "GlowWorm" can be connected to ‚Ķ […]

How To Draw A Wolf Howling Easy

Simple Wolf Drawings. Are you looking for the best Simple Wolf Drawings for your personal blogs, projects or designs, then ClipArtMag is the place just for you. […]

How To Become A Lead Generation Expert

2. Think webinars. Webinars play a very important part in content marketing and lead generation process. The people who register to participate become warm leads (and you can learn if they watched it, how long they spent on it, and what parts they viewed). […]

How To Delete Whatsapp Messages On Both Phones

WhatsApp has rolled out a feature called ĎDelete for EveryoneĎ which lets users delete WhatsApp message. What this will do is it will delete the message from recipientís end as well. Donít […]

How To Break Your Water At Home Step By Step

Prepare your home for the cold by winterizing the water heater and pressurizing the system. How to Upgrade a Water Heater Learn how to upgrade a water heater and install a damming system to catch the water without having to drain the tank. […]

How To Change Address Steam

Click on the image above to see an interactive map. Get Driving Directions. Alternatively, enter your address below to get directions to our office. […]

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